Lab Members

PhD Students

Ani Shalamberidze

Ani Shalamberidze

Research: My research is focused on the design and synthesis of fluorescent nucleoside analogues, characterization, photophysical studies and incorporation of these molecules into RNA.

Background: From Tbilisi, Georgia. BS in Chemistry from SDSU Georgia, 2019.

Interests: I love travelling and watching crime documentaries.

Dana Rosansky

Dana Rosansky

Research: I study the relationship between spectroscopic features and structural dynamics in fluorescent nucleosides. This includes synthetic optimization and several spectroscopic methods including time-resolve fluorescence and fluorescence anisotropy studies. My research enables the use of these nucleosides as probes to study changes in structure, conformation, and dynamics of nucleic acids relevant to function, such as the dynamics of various forms of DNA damage.

Background: BA in Biochemistry. Originally from Pasadena, CA.

Interests: My interests include going to the beach and exploring San Diego.

Sritin Ghosh

Sritin Ghosh

Research: I am currently working on the design and synthesis of fluorescent nucleoside analogues. I am interested in finding new novel pathways of synthesis that would either cut down the reaction steps or increase the yield. I am also looking for ways to make new analogues that will have interesting properties warranting their use in biological studies.

Background: From Kolkata, India. BS in Chemistry from Calcutta University, MS in Chemistry from NIT Rourkela.

Interests: To unwind I listen to music, read books, and game.

MS Students

Michelle Nguyen

Michelle Nguyen

Research: I am studying the design and synthesis of fluorescent nucleoside analogues, their characterization and their future applications in biological systems and biomolecules.

Background: B.S. in Biochemistry from CSU Channel Islands; originally from San Diego.

Interests:  On my spare time you can catch me trying new food places, gardening (horticulture) and reading.

Joshua Reynolds

Joshua Reynolds

Research: My research encompasses the development and synthesis of fluorescent nucleoside analogues to investigate the dynamics, and interactions of biological molecules.




Julian Cizmic

Julian Cizmic

Research: My research is focused on the development of new derivatives of the ABN fluorescent nucleobase analogue. We hypothesize that these new designs may improve upon the brightness, photostability, and/or responsiveness of the parent ABN analogue to enable new types of biophysical studies.

Background: BS in cellular and molecular biology from San Diego State University; from Hillcrest, San Diego

Interests: When I’m not in the lab or spending time with friends, I enjoy brewing kombucha, making zines, and studying typography.

Undergraduate Students

Christina Rivera

Christina Rivera

Research: I am studying the synthesis and photophysical properties of new fluorescent nucleoside analogues, specifically ABN.

Background: Currently majoring in Chemistry with emphasis in Biochemistry. Originally from San Diego.

Interests: camping, dancing, cooking, running

Purse Lab Graduate Alumni

George Samaan
PhD 2021

Research Scientist at Creyon Bio, San Diego, CA

Michael Coste
PhD 2020

Scientist II at Sarmal, Inc., San Diego, CA

Ben Turner
PhD 2020

Biochemistry Officer, Army Medical Service Corps, Aberdeen, MD

Dillon Burns
MS 2018

Lab Manager at Infinite Chemical Analysis Labs, CA

Raymond Lee
MS 2016

Associate Scientist I at Illumina, CA

Sadie Martin
MS 2016

Senior Associate Technical Writer at Abzena, CA

Jason Lundy
MS 2016

Medical Student at Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine, AL

Jennifer Chapin
PhD 2014

Adjunct Instructor in Chemistry at Lincoln University, PA

Brittney Rodgers
PhD 2014

NSF S-STEM Project Coordinator at Community College of Aurora, CO

Nada Elsharif
MS 2013

Assistant Lecturer, Department of Chemistry, University of Benghazi, Libya

Purse Lab Undergraduate Alumni

Katrina Ngo
BS 2018

Medical Student at Western University of Health Sciences, CA